Vintage United States US Military Army Shaving Kit

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A United States Army shaving kit complete with a mirror, razor blade handle, shaver head, and razor blade box. The back of the mirror is faded and dirty from wear. On the shaver head is written, "Gillette trademark, Made in U.S." The handle has the words "Pat. Nov. 15 04" carved in. The set comes with a toothbrush case that hinges open on one side, with "United States Army" written on the side.

Length of Box: 4 in
Width of Box: 2 in
Length of Handle: 3 in
Width of Head: ~ 1.5 in
Length of Toothbrush Case: 6.75 in
Width of Toothbrush Case: 1 in
Total Weight: 246.5 grams
Condition: Heavy Wear