Sterling Silver and Multicolored Crystal Stone Jewelry 5-Ring Set

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A set of five sterling silver rings with various crystal stones inset into each. Ring 1 features multicolored stones, Ring 2 features a clear green crystal, Ring 3 features onyx and white stones, Ring 4 features opal and other colorful stones, and Ring 5 features a large, perfectly clear rectangular crystal.

Metal: Sterling Silver
Size of Bauble 1: 1in
Size of Bauble 2: 0.625in
Size of Bauble 3: 0.5in
Size of Bauble 4: 0.75in
Size of Bauble 5: 1in
Ring 1 Size: 7.75
Ring 2 Size: 8.75
Ring 3 Size: 9
Ring 4 Size: 8
Ring 5 Size: 8
Total Weight: 47.50 grams
Condition: Used, Light Wear on All