PSP~ PURE SOLID PERFECT "The Little One" 7 Iron Golf Training Club

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PSP Golf Practice Club "The Little One" 7 Iron Training Club

PSP Golf's first game improvement golf club aptly named "The Little One" is a revolutionary new warm-up / practice training aid that will not only improve your ball striking, increase your distance, elevate your concentration and improve your confidence but you will receive instant feedback on your swing that will result in more rapid improvement and lower your scores.

Our brain is focused on the task at hand even with a different sized club head! Hitting the ball with the center of the club is a constant priority regardless of the club you have in your hand. By having a more specific (smaller) target our awareness becomes more focused on achieving our goal. The "Transition" is the moment you are emotionally aware of the simplicity behind "The Little One" and the freedom it gives you to hit every shot without fear. The result is more consistent, solid, repetitive shots no matter what club you have in your hand.

Benefits of using The Little One:
Pure Ball Striking
Increased Accuracy
More Consistency
Higher Concentration
Lower Scores
More Distance
Closer Chipping
Better Tempo

Length: 37.5 inches
Shaft Flex: Stiff Flex
Dexterity: Right Hand
CONDITION: NEW ~ This item has not been used and the clubhead has the original shrink wrap.