Eisenberg Warner Costume White Crystal Flower Brooch Pin Set of 2

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A pair of floral Warner and Eisenberg costume brooches made from silver tone and white crystals. The first brooch is smaller and Warner brand, with nine inset crystals; four are small and triangular, four are trillion cut, and the ninth is circular and set in the center. The second brooch is larger and Eisenberg brand, and has a floral pattern with "ribbons" built into the silver. In the center of the flower is an oval crystal, surrounded by tiers of crystal petals, and there are crystals following along the ribbons.

Diameter of Brooch 1: 2in
Depth of Brooch 1: 0.375in
Closure on Brooch 1: Safety Pin
Length of Brooch 2: 3.125in
Width of Brooch 2: 2in
Depth of Brooch 2: 0.5in
Closure on Brooch 2: Double Pin
Condition: Used, Moderate Wear, two stones are missing along a ribbon on the larger brooch, the smaller brooch's pin isn't long enough to reach the safety lock