Black Onyx Bead with 14 Karat Yellow Gold Clasp Necklace Pair Set of 2

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A pair of black onyx-beaded necklaces. One has a 14-karat gold clasp and small beads, and the other is closed with larger beads. The beads are separated by small knots in the black string, giving it a natural and integrated look. Together they make a visually engaging pair, with the size differences and subtle gold tone in the back.

Metal: 14 Karat Gold
Length of Closed Necklace: 30.5 in
Width of Closed Necklace: 0.25 in
Length of Open Necklace: 30 in
Width of Open Necklace: 1/8 in
Closure: Hook and Clasp
Total Weight: 96.4 grams
Condition: Light Wear