Antique Waltham CWC Co Gold Toned Open Face Pocket Watch

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An open-faced Waltham pocket watch. The back of the watch opens on a hinge to reveal writing on the lid, "CWC Co. Trade Mark, 1595268." On the inside of the lid is scratched in, "12597, 16, 30075/4." The face is gold toned and features a brick pattern in the center, surrounded by a smooth ring containing markings for each hour and the minutes in between. The second hand is inset on the bottom, replacing the 6th hour.

Designer: Waltham
ID: 1595268
Diameter of Face: 1.875 in
Length of Handle: 0.75 in
Closure: Hinge
Weight: 70.2 grams
Condition: Moderate Wear, dead battery, scratches on face and back cover