4 Coins 2004 Ultimate Silver Eagle Dollar Collection Plus one 24K Gold Plated

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Celebrate America with the 2004 Silver Eagle Ultimate Hologram Coin Collection. This set purchased from the Morgan Mint was bought one coin at a time. Each Coin is enhanced with holograms on both sides of the coin, the first contains the Historic Hologram Edition of the 2004 Silver Eagle dollar. This coin as All coins in this collection are struck from one ounce of 99.995% pure silver and is legal tender with a face value of one dollar. The second contains , a colorized red, white, and blue version of the 2004 Silver Eagle dollar coin. The third boasts a 2004 Silver Eagle coin that's plated in 24K gold. Completing the collection is the 2004 Golden Liberty Hologram Silver Eagle coin. The set is amazing. The coins are contained in a beautiful hardwood presentation case.

Mint: Morgan Mint
Total Coins: 4
Certificate: Certificate Of Authenticity
Includes: Original Box
Condition: Light Wear